Q: What is your background?
A: I was born in Argentina, but moved to Mexico at an early age. There I became a Computer Systems Engineer. I’ve been in love with computers all my life, and have been lucky to witness the Web2.0 revolution and now actively participating in Web3.

Q: How and why did you get involved in the blockchain space?
A: I discovered Bitcoin as a way to safeguard my savings against Argentina’s inflation and evade restrictive capital controls. This in turn led to finding Ethereum which I thought was the perfect marriage of decentralization, permissionless finance with programmable money. Then I became involved with MakerDAO and strived to be a positive force for the whole Defi ecosystem.

Q: What are you currently working on/ What did you most recently work on?
A: I was at the Maker Foundation for 4 years helping launch and maintain Single Collateral Dai and then Multi Collateral Dai. Watching Dai grow from 0 to 1.4b was incredible, and seeing the smart contracts safeguard over 4b USD in value is always humbling. Currently working on a secret project.

Q: Why does the world need decentralized financial infrastructure?
A: So many reasons. Coming from an undeserving economy, it’s important when I see people take control of their own financial destiny in a decentralized, permissionless manner. It levels the playing field for everyone. We get access to new financial opportunities that would not be available for us otherwise. On a more macro scale, it eases auditability and transparency, hopefully helps with interoperability, and creates new and exciting financial primitives.

Q: What do you think about: central bank digital currencies?
A: I believe they are inevitable and can potentially be a good thing if they are deployed using public, permissionless blockchains.

Q: What was your first part-time job ever?
A: Building custom software and databases for friends and neighbors. Some still use this software (which is 20+ years old) to this day!