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Decentralized Finance Capital

DeFi Capital is an cryptocurrency investment fund for decentralized finance.


DeFi Capital is an cryptocurrency investment fund that actively contributes to the management, adoption and establishment of Decentralized Finance.

This new wave of financial innovation that is made possible with blockchain technology will eventually grow out to be a global financial system. This system allows anyone to participate and contribute and be rewarded accordingly. We have the vision to help manage this new financial system for the better of the world.

Check out our video for a great introduction about DeFi Capital

Cryptocurrency and Ethereum


DeFi Capital invests in cryptocurrency only because we believe that the future of finance is decentralized and open for everyone. We invest in those companies and projects that reflect this vision. Cryptocurrency allows for payments, governance, providing liquidity and much more. We leverage the power of cryptocurrency to set an example of what decentralized finance is and how to use it professionally.


90% of decentralized finance is build on the blockchain that is offered by Ethereum. Anyone can use the Ethereum blockchain to build new financial applications. This means that Ethereum is an essential part of our strategy and consequently our portfolio.

Do we defi?

We’re proud that DeFi Capital has defiance in it’s name

Like the creator of Bitcoin said: ‘What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party‘.

Wether it was his purpose or not, in this world a peer to peer cash system is an act of defiance. Power revolves around money and money revolves around heavily centralized ‘third’ parties. Blockchain technology that is decentralized is a solution that in it’s nature is unstoppable. We are advocates of community owned, open-source and blockchain based financial solutions. We believe that any individual should have autonomy about the whole of their capital.

There are already many different assets made in this new class. See for yourself here.

“Blockchain has the potential to transform finance functions, from a centralized to a decentralized point of authority.”


Now is the time

Whether you’re a family office, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, or an investor looking to be part of a financial revolution, we’ve got you covered.