For the past 12 months we have been hard at work realizing DeFi Capital, an investment fund for blockchain technology. Now, with the launch of our website, we’re ready to go public! It all started with a vision about what blockchain technology could mean. Not only for finance, but politics and organisations. This motivated us to go the extra mile, set up an investment fund and use our experience for the better.

Fin Tech has been around since early 2000’s and while it has been transformative it has not been disruptive. Consumer banking remains relatively small, the unbanked are still unbanked and the infrastructure remains centralized and unmodular. Blockchain technology and in particular Decentralized Finance stands to change this. We envision a world with a better, faster and more composable decentralized financial infrastructure open for everyone and anyone. No matter what background you have, no matter how wealthy you are, this financial system will offer a level playing field in terms of options for how you want to manage your capital.

We have been involved with technology for many years now and are ready to play our part. We are going to play an active role in the organisations of the future. We want to be transparent, responsible and sustainable and live out the ideals we see for the future. Welcome to our website and feel free to leave us with some feedback or a message!