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Here's why we are able to play an important role in the development and adoption of blockchain technology:

1. New technology

Blockchain technology has existed for a decade. Any comparison with the adoption rates of other kinds of technology such as the television, internet or smartphones, tell us that we’re still in the so-called early days. The entire field of finance is about to change radically at a pace we have never witnessed before.

Since the internet, the world has become a lot smaller: communication lines are short, distances are traveled faster, and information is accessible anywhere. It is this world that is now exposed to a technology that can replace our trust in large centralized financial institutions. Blockchain technology can offer a real solution to the misbehavior of centrally governed power structures and financially empower individuals across the world.

New Blockchain Technology

2. New asset class

The creation of a completely new and unique asset class is a development the world has not witnessed for a long time. Blockchain technology allows for exactly that.

This class of digital assets or cryptographic tokens is increasingly interesting due to the stabilizing effect it can have on a diversified portfolio of investments. Financial institutions recognize balancing and risk-mitigating strategies by means of diversifying investments. That's one reason why we expect a new asset class (especially one that is outperforming other asset classes) is a welcome and reasonable diversification.

Want to know more about what blockchain is? Check out what is blockchain.

New Blockchain Asset Class
There are already many hundreds of assets made in this new class.



3. Target click strategy

Unique blockchain investment strategy

High return, lower risk

We are proud to present a unique strategy specifically applicable for this new asset class and new market. We manage risks by translating our experience and knowledge to a conservative strategy in a diversified portfolio. You do not have to worry about the market and we are completely transparent in our decision making process.

We are not bothered by sentiment

We have developed a strategy that allows us tomanage the risk involved in this volatile market. Market psychology is a fundamental driving force in every market. To relieve ourselves of the possibility of irrational and sentimental investment decisions we have determined a relatively conservative exit strategy. This strategy is based on reasonable expectations about the future of blockchain technology.

We have fixed targets at which a fixed amount of our assets is sold until a final list of indicators indicates an overbought and saturated market, at which we exit the market completely.

Maarten Dirk-Jan DeFi Capital

4. Team experience

We have the unique position of having experienced almost the entirety of blockchain technology's existence.

In these years of experience, successful investment strategies have allowed for a full-time engagement with the market and with the development of the technology. We think it is almost impossible for someone at present to acquire the insights and experience after the fact and only one who has been with the development of the technology as it happened can now paint a picture of a possible future.
We are in the fortunate position to have acquired this ability and we aim to leverage it for the better: for decentralization and individual financial empowerment.

5. Sustainable and responsible

This world is not ours, let's treat her well.


Our mission is fueled by the desire to see the world change for the better. This is congruent with the current trends we see in the areas of sustainability and environment. We align ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN and we aim to mitigate negative side effects of blockchain technology. For more information, check out sustainability.


Our sense of responsibility and idealism has as a consequence a long-term approach to this developing market. This long-term approach will translate in long-term contribution, engagement and value creation for the respective investments.

Now is the time

Whether you’re a family office, entrepreneur, crypto enthusiast, or an investor looking to be part of a financial revolution, we've got you covered.

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