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Our products play an important role in the adoption and realization of blockchain technology’s most idealistic and innovative aspects which we understand as decentralized finance. Let us, together, financially empower generations to come.

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A+ Fund

DFC A+ is an innovative investment fund that invests according to the tried and tested tri-force strategy. A proven strategy that leverages opportunities in DeFi. Exit according to target-click-strategy, currently in progress.

Stability Fund

A low-volatility yield-bearing crypto product. The DeFi Capital Stability Fund invests in stablecoins to activate them in DeFi and generate a steady income by applying safe and proven DeFi strategies.

DeFi Consulting

We can be your guide through all the investment opportunities. With our knowledge, we can give you the tools to become financially autonomous. Expertise throughout and a professional partner from the start.

What can you expect?

After many years of experience we have developed a number of strategies. Find out which strategy suits you the best.


DFC A+ gives our investors primarily exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum and leverages this value to play an active role in Decentralized Finance. It has a unique target click strategy as profit-taking strategy. This way DFC A+ is a unique vehicle to ride out the current wave of renewed interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. (closed for new investors)


Stable return

Investors looking for a stable return and minimal risk are invited to learn more about this first-of-a-kind investment fund. Using stable currency only we can use the lending and liquidity providing opportunities to create a stable yield for our investors. Enjoy the lack of downside and stable increase of your fund’s asset


Expert feedback

One on one feedback on your DeFi portfolio or and expert course in DeFi by our own CTO. We want to help anyone become an expert in Decentralized Finance and learn to mange their risk properly.
Expertise throughout and a professional partner from the start.


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Why a DeFi fund?

We believe in decentralized finance as a logical step forward in the emancipation of humans across the world. Individuals will become responsible for their own value; where they store it, when they send it, what they buy and sell, etc.

However, value is much broader than currency alone. In the near future we expect that anything of any value will be able to move as money does now. Property, equity, collectibles and any other asset can, with blockchain technology, behave as money.

In comparison to the development of music, video and information on the internet, finance’s technological step forward is long overdue.

It’s an exciting time to witness the rise of this technology that will radically change the way we do business and the way value behaves.

A new way of finance

Ten years ago the first part of the solution for individual digital wealth management was proposed under the name of ‘Bitcoin’.

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer transfer of value made possible by means of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin provided us with the first real blockchain. And blockchain can facilitate a censorship resistant, transparent and always accessible database, the perfect tool for digital wealth management.

Now, ten years after the creation of Bitcoin and blockchain we have discovered many different forms of utilities with Blockchain technology and we can now see the future we’re heading towards.

A new financial system based on our most important values: freedom, equality and autonomy

Some words

Blockchain – and Bitcoin in particular – has shaken the conventional world of finance. No wonder then that almost anyone has said something about the technology. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

The future of finance is here

Investing in decentralized finance has never been such a reasonable choice. With big names of the conventional industry jumping in, the blockchain development and innovation won’t stop anytime soon.


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DeFi Capital is managed full-time. That means we are able to keep in touch with everything that moves in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
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