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Merits of Blockchain

We have three reasons why blockchain is so advantageous

The reasons are important merits and values we can’t deny. They are freedom, equality and autonomy.

It seems a bit easy, we know. But bear with us. These values are really driving the adoption of blockchain technology.

First of all, we see blockchain technology as a logical step forward in the emancipation of humans across the world. With this technology, individuals have the ability to become completely responsible for their own value; where they store it, when they send it, what they buy and sell, etc.

However, value is much broader than cryptocurrency alone. In the near future, anything of any value will be able to move as money does now. Things like property, equity, collectibles and any other asset can, with the help of blockchain technology, behave as money.

In comparison to the development of music, video and information on the internet, a technological step forward for finance and banking is long overdue. And like other technological innovations, the merits of blockchain technology are values most of us share: freedom, equality and autonomy.

Let us explain how!







Our core values in perspective

Have we been here before? It helps to see things in perspective. These important advantages and merits of blockchain technology endorses are not exclusive to blockchain technology. We have seen other developments in our history where these same values -freedom, equality and autonomy- have been the underlying driving force to innovate. See what we mean in this timeline we have created.


16th century political referendum
The first time politics decentralized its governance to the individual in the form of a referendum was recorded in Switzerland in 16th century.

It can be understood as a new means for an individual to express their freedom and autonomy.

1439 Printing press

The printing press allowed for knowledge to become widespread. For the first time, knowledge was not only available for the rich and select few, but this new technology made knowledge available for everyone.

It created freedom and equality in their access to knowledge

1980’s Internet

The internet changed the way we handle communication and information.

Communication went from centralized postal services to personalized electronic mail services, allowing full autonomy about the terms of a delivery.

And access to information, with innovations like Wikipedia, has become very easy.


2008 Blockchain technology

Bitcoin was the first real use case with blockchain technology.

It gave us a financial system that is accessible to everyone with an internet connection. It is always online and has a transparent unalterable transaction ledger.

Anyone can use it and send Bitcoin to anyone anywhere.


Notice how all of the above innovations, be it a political or technological innovation, have as a result more freedom for the individual.

A referendum allows individuals to cast their vote in matters that concern a state or country and is preferred especially in decisions that involve the future of a country. Aside from what the pros and cons of the hot topic referendum are at this time, it’s clear it’s a big win over a dictatorial or monarchical state.

Another clear case of a freedom increasing innovation is when the printing press allowed individuals around the world to learn how to read and start to read for themselves.

It meant that the large (religious) institutions that controlled truth and knowledge slowly but surely lost their control and people started determining for themselves what they thought was important.


The past innovations have in different ways allowed for humans to become more equal among each other. Especially the ability to read and write has allowed for such a great amount of emancipation across the world. Now it’s expected of us to check our sources, read and write scientific material and acquire the knowledge one needs.

Internet allowed this to be spread around the world, for everyone to see and hear. Even more, anyone can be heard, anyone can become famous, anyone connected to the internet can be reached. It’s equality in means and opportunity.

I think we can all agree that, we have entered a time where equality should be a no-brainer. Not by accident, this is exactly what a blockchain offers.

Blockchain does not care about who you are or where you’re from. It does not matter how much you send or at what time. It just functions as programmed, it serves as it should.


Emancipation, freedom, equality, it all boils down to a completely autonomous individual.

Not hindered by any social constructs. Instead, it’s empowered by it. Democracy or a referendum allows one to be one’s own authority. I stand for something, I choose for myself.

And knowledge, information and communication have only further empowered our ability to make a stand for what we find important in life and take responsibility for it.

Blockchain brings this another step forward. We have become used to large corporations taking care of our money, but now the possibility exists to take that into your own hands, and we think we should.

Check out some of the use cases to see what blockchain technology can mean for the world.