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We offer an exciting investment fund and a community of like-minded investors. Our eyes are on the future of finance.

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What exactly will you be joining? Let's have a look.

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There's some steps. We take good care to make sure your intake goes smoothly.

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What will you be joining - exactly?

DeFi Capital is your gateway for cryptocurrency investments. We're diversified, we know how to handle volatility and yes, we're carbon neutral.

We're looking for a community of enthusiasts who can see that our financial system is due for an upgrade and like to profit from it. Together we can play a significant part.


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Decentralized Finance DeFi Capital Investment Fund

The process

To become part of DeFi, we will need to go through a bit of a process. We want to take every care to make sure you know what you're getting into - and that probably goes two ways!

Step 1: an introduction

First, we will need to get to know each other. Typically, we will arrange for two to five face-to-face conversations. We prefer to be on the same page when we're working towards a new financial era.

Step 2: the legal stuff

To be a participant in our fund, there are some formalities. Together with IQEQ we will make sure we're fully compliant with all regulation and there's no surprises for the both of us.

Step 3: acquiring your units

Units is the legal term of the shares you will hold in our fund. Since NAV calculation can be done at any moment, shortly before the distribution of your units we'll determine the official price of the units.

Step 4: you're now part of the DeFi movement

Here, the fun begins. You're contributing to the adoption of the technology and can join us for a ride to the top, while a conservative strategy gives the best odds at making a net gain.

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