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Investing strategy for decentralized finance


Managing the community

First and foremost, we manage a community of active investors in decentralized finance.


Acquisition of assets

Careful analysis and investing in cryptocurrency.


Active participation

We are looking to be part of decentralized organisation and be the voice for our investors in them.


Target Click Strategy

A smart method to find the best balance between risk and return

Decentralized Finance Blockchain community

1. Managing a DeFi community

We're creating a community excited about Decentralized Finance.

And there's so much to be excited about! We're bringing people together and letting them have a taste of a new financial system. We're looking for like-minded individuals and companies to recognize the potential this innovation has for the future. Our own future, but also for the adoption on a global scale.

Decentralized Finance Blockchain assets

2. Acquisition of assets

Yes, there's more than Bitcoin. A lot more.

When investing in decentralized finance you need careful analysis and a unique perspective. This what we have and will make this fund a success. We are now in the phase where the fundamental infrastructure for future financial institutions is laid out. This is the time to position ourselves and we're doing exactly that. Our portfolio is made up of decentralized finance only.

Asset valuation framework

We perform our due diligence on potential investments according to our digital asset framework. Scoring on a multitude of items, each asset needs to have a score above a set minimum to be viable for investment.

Learn more about our current portfolio and how we select our assets.

  • Raise our voice

    When we think it's necessary we will raise our voice and let others hear what we have to say.

  • Decentralized Finance Network Participation

    If you can vote, you should vote. Several projects allow us to cast a vote on issues and upgrades.

  • Network contribution

    Several projects allow us to contribute to their network. We're looking for opportunities to actively participate in a blockchain network.

3. Network participation

We don't like the sidelines. We're the vanguard.

In the world of decentralized finance there's so much one can do to play a part. We do more than investing. Some of our investments allow us to cast a vote on issues concerned with the development of an investment, another may allow us to set up a node to strengthen the network. We will use the opportunities we can get, provided they are safe.

Excited about what we do?

Let's talk about Decentralized Finance!

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4. Target Click Strategy

Balance between risk and return

We're fully aware of the facts. We are launching a fund in a fast developing technology.

This is a volatile market and changes are frequent. We think that an investing strategy for decentralized finance should not be too greedy, and should relieve us from risky emotional decision-making. It's clear to us this innovation has a long way to go and it's impossible to guess where it's headed. That’s why we have decided to stay conservative in the estimates of our blockchain investing strategy

Target click strategy defi capital
Exit strategy

We have first developed multiple models about the future of the blockchain market. These models are based on a variety of scenarios about the shift in wealth from the old economy to the blockchain based economy. These expectations are applied to Bitcoin and Ethereum. With these models we have calculated a reasonable scenario for the future.

Based on this we have deduced targets at which we start selling assets in our possession.This has all come together in our Target Click Strategy, with which we sell different amounts on different targets, depending on where the market is in its next cycle.


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