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Investing strategy for decentralized finance


Managing the community

First and foremost, we manage a community of active investors in decentralized finance.


Multi-layered investing

Investing and managing a multi-layered financial system.

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Active participation

We are looking to be part of decentralized organisation and be the voice for our investors in them.


Target Click Strategy

A smart method to find the best balance between risk and return

Decentralized Finance Blockchain community

1. Managing a DeFi community

We're creating a community excited about Decentralized Finance.

And there's so much to be excited about! We're bringing people together and letting them have a taste of a new financial system. We're looking for like-minded individuals and companies to recognize the potential this innovation has for the future. Our own future, but also for the adoption on a global scale.

Fabian Schar stack defi

2. DeFi: a multi-layered system

This financial system is built layer by layer. All value tends to flow to the settlement layer: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Fabian Scharr

We've built our investing strategy on the research of Prof. Dr. Fabian Schar, Professor for Distributed Ledger Technology/Fintech at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Basel university. Specifcally his research ''Decentralized Finance: on Blockchain- and smart contract-based financial markets.''

DeFi capital investment strategy
The settlement layer

The settlement layer is the most important. Because any decentralized exchange, derivatives protocol, etc. is dependent on it. Also, because multiple iterations of these different protocols can be built on top of the settlement layer, it has a high probability of accruing much value.

Low risk

Since there are many dozens of projects building on Ethereum, the risk/reward ratio, compared to other projects, seems a no-brainer.

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    • Raise our voice

      When we think it's necessary we will raise our voice and let others hear what we have to say.

    • Decentralized Finance Network Participation

      If you can vote, you should vote. Several projects allow us to cast a vote on issues and upgrades.

    • Network contribution

      Several projects allow us to contribute to their network. We're looking for opportunities to actively participate in a blockchain network.

    3. Network participation

    We don't like the sidelines. We're the vanguard.

    In the world of decentralized finance there's so much one can do to play a part. We do more than investing. Some of our investments allow us to cast a vote on issues concerned with the development of an investment, another may allow us to set up a node to strengthen the network. We will use the opportunities we can get, provided they are safe.

    Target click strategy defi capital

    4. Target Click Strategy

    The balance between risk and return

    We're fully aware of the facts. We are launching a fund in a fast-developing technology.

    This is a volatile market and changes are frequent. We think that an investing strategy for decentralized finance should not be too greedy, and should relieve us from risky emotional decision-making. That's why we have developed an exit strategy that secures profit when risk increases.


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