Decentralized Finance is picking up. It’s becoming the standard to refer to all projects that allow some kind of individual (decentralized) wealth management. We are of course following these developments closely and would like to share some news and statistics.

First of all, the ‘DeFi’ sector has been growing. Ever since MakerDAO laid the basic foundation with their decentralized stable token ‘DAI’ (1 DAI = 1 USD), there have been many innovations that allowed for interaction with this stable token. To make a long story short: the amount of DAI that has been locked up in different applications to make use of it, is exploding upward! It’s especially interesting lately because one of the major exchanges Coinbase decided to put 2 mln USDC (Coinbase’s native stable token) into DeFi projects that allow for decentralized lending, allowing them for a nice 5 – 10% interest on their deposit. Yes, that’s a major exchange interacting with Decentralized Finance.

(see for more statistics)

Another noteworthy and interesting fact of Decentralized Finance is that MakerDAO itself, to guarantee that DAI can be 1 USD at all times, has over 1.5 mln Ether locked (current value: 262.500.000 EUR) in it’s protocol. With 100 mln Ether in existence that’s over 1.5% of it’s supply. MakerDAO has at all times been the leading protocol measured in locked Ether and we expect, with their next upgrade in sight, this to only increase. It seems Makerdao and Ethereum are tightly interlocked.

The DeFi ecosystem is developing at an extremely fast pace and we hope to share the next exiting developments here soon.