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Decentralized Finance portfolio

Smart diversification based on many years of experience.

How do we determine our portfolio?

We're a traditional fund in a new market. Our experience allows for a unique decentralized finance portfolio.

During the last years we have seen the blockchain ecosystem become saturated with many hundreds of projects and start-ups. For a while it has been a question of who's the best marketeer instead of who has the best solution, resulting in many people investing in unrealistic expectations and promises.

Three projects that have never done any real marketing in their early phases but have proved very successful, are Bitcoin, Ethereum and MakerDAO. It is exactly these projects we see mature every day and of which we see their solution contributing to a new financial system. Years of closely observing their network effects and development has given us a unique perspective on the market.

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Blockhain portfolio

Due diligence

We report on all the parameters set out in our digital asset framework and subsequently quantify the results by means of our valuation framework.

The valuation framework quantifies each item in the digital asset framework. Each category is summed and then divided by the sum of all categories according to a calculation in which we have placed an extra weight on the measure of decentralized finance, since they represent our core values

Here we have outlined some of our major parameters we look at to determine the right investment for DeFi Capital.


Bitcoin Blockchain

This is what we're looking for

We will perform due diligence on potential investments according to the digital asset framework. This framework researches and measures at least the following criteria:


Decentralized finance

1. Mission and values.
2. Open financial system
3. Innovation or solution
4. Economic freedom
5. Equal opportunity
6. Decentralization
7. Network effect


1. Source code
2. Working Product
3. Roadmap
4. Security


1. Founders and leadership
2. Operations
3. Participation equality
4. Transparency
5. Ethics


1. Customer demand
2. Developers
3. Developers community
4. External stakeholders
5. Nodes
6. Transaction, fees, addresses

Valuation framework
  1. After performing the digital asset framework we continue to quantify each item. This will provide us with a final score

What are some of our current investments in decentralized finance?

With our experience we have already determined the larger part of our DeFi portfolio.

Here you can find short descriptions of our current investments:

  • Ethereum


    Ethereum is a global, decentralized platform for money and all kinds of applications. On Ethereum, you can write code that controls money, and build applications accessible anywhere in the world.

    We are especially exited about the future of Ethereum because of it's already fundamental role in blockchain technology.

    Many hundreds of projects are already building on this blockchain platform and many thousands of software developers are experimenting with the software every month. For more information check out the video of Ethereum here.

    DeFi Capital Blockchain asset: Ethereum

  • Bitcoin


    Bitcoin has the potential to be the digital gold of the electronic age. It's a store of value, it's global, and it's the best-secured network the world has ever seen.

    It all started with Bitcoin. Its robust properties have made sure that it kept going for over a decade.

    Bitcoin is a currency that can be trusted, that is transparent, simple and accessible. We think that Bitcoin, because it is decentralization in its core, will play a fundamental role in the new economy.


    DeFi Capital Blockchain asset: Bitcoin

  • MakerDAO


    MakerDAO is a decentralized organization built on Ethereum. Maker works to minimize and manage the volatility of DAI, its stable token, that is pegged to the U.S. dollar.

    We are particularly fond of MakerDAO because a stable token has been one of the most desired innovations since Ethereum. Simply put, how can cryptocurrency become global money when its value fluctuates as it does?

    MakerDAO has solved this problem by developing DAI, a stable cryptocurrency backed by digital assets, and fully managed in a decentralized way.

    DeFi Capital Blockchain asset: Makerdao

A decentralized finance portfolio that's a perfect addition to your alternatives

Our current selection and allocation is one fit for the future. If you want to keep up to date about our latest developments, investments and news, sign up for the newsletter below or check out news.